by Regime

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A story of mental and physical illness. A man who couldn't overcome his diseases and a man who did.


released December 16, 2016

Nathan Calcagno
Adam Cormier
Ryan Beck
Jesse Arruda
Mike Sawyer
Thomas O'Malley
Jared Mackler

Liam Geary @ MOONDOG Productions



all rights reserved


Regime Brockton, Massachusetts

Thank you for listening to our music.

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Track Name: Crooks
I smell those empty bottles
Looking back it was so clear
That shit eating grin, on your face
Wet brained from ear to ear

It's not my fault you're gone
And I don't fucking care

When I'd run my mouth
He'd put me through hell
And when I got strong enough to hit him back
He fucking killed himself

Now what the fuck do I do with that
Pretty sad I called you "Dad"
Now what the fuck do I do with that
What do I do

If crooks and pigs are a means to the end, then the sins of men will never make me bend

Now ask me what I've been "looking for"
Some peace and quiet, to find, that you died in
Everytime I caught you high you denied it

One of us had to die.
Track Name: Molt
Rectify what's mine; The cancers bleeding through
I can't find a reason not to let go and-
It's alright, it's fine, no one should be worried at all
Always the punchline, i'll take that all i'm
Waiting for my moment to come
The moment I molt and become someone

Whichever way i lay to sleep
Those better days are wasting away
Whatever way they enter me, I feel conquered
I am left beaten down

Above me is grace I am running in place
No fear to be frayed, I'm afraid I won't waste
Your fingers inside here
My future made brighter
Through eye-lids peeled wider
I'll see through this nightmare

i'm waiting- screaming through the nights to become
Something better, something that can love someone
If withdrawal and mood swings won' force me to change
Then it's better this tumor wants to take me away

Goodbye everybody, I'm leaving you now
I'll be seeing you soon, and if I don't
I tried my best to.
Track Name: Temper
Whenever adversity throws weight into me
It seems like everyone's got something to say
"That's just life" and "you gotta learn to play"
You're full of shit, I refuse to live that way

I am unafraid to struggle in adversity

There's so much more to life to not falling flat
To everytime you get swung on, to swing on them back
Way harder then ever imagined
You never give in, you never stop smashing

We saw it but we don't want to commit
We just want to be reminded why we're fighting to live
And I'll tell you right now, no matter how low in the ground
You'll rise up and you'll say

Here today, here tomorrow and in my wake my fury will follow

I am the rage of man

Live and be proud, the relentless never rest
Live and be proud, restless until it ends
Track Name: Conquer
I always knew I'd amount to nothing
But I hoped I'd create something
In this life, all I've done is waste my time
It ends now
I'll use what I got to tell my said

I'm proud of what I've made
I'm proud of being me

I'll take that to the grave
I tried my best today

I said I'll always be the one to hang on my own mistakes

I've been through hell
Fought killing myself
But that doesn't mean the thought never came
I fought it out
And I've lost my hair
My body stripped bare
But I won't lose all hope because life ain't fair

These are the lies they tell
"You won't ever amount to anything at all"
"But you want it all"
You just want to feel free

I could live the rest of my life as a monument to fucking nothing
But this is my kingdom of shit
This is my Regime
This is my pale throne

One kingdom under shit
Number one to no one
This is my pale throne
This is my regime
This is the pale throne
Track Name: Good Samaritan
Sickened is how almost all of my times spent
Stitches under my skin, they're underlying
Thickened, scar tissue from cutting me open
Chickened out of making me better again

Here to serve you as most clinics do
Need you to wait for an hour or two
We do our best to protect you
We can't help you

Stressing, depressing, press my will and bend me
Blessing, depressing, press my will and bend me

I'm so sick of it all
Ha, ha

God bless these clean fucking wrists
My life spent buried in shit
Don't think there's a lesson in this
God bless my clean fucking wrists
I'm just wasting time
20 years spent wasting life

Why did it take this long
2 years and still going strong

Nothing save the things I've wasted
Like my youth and education
Wish I went and got better grades
So that I can hear my mom say

"I'm so proud of my boy, I raised him well"
As i find and orange bottle to help my addiction swell

You will never know how far I've had to go

Rain rain, go away
Come again another day
They'll all watch me at my wake
Then in that hole my head will lay